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Alpine Meadows sunny ski slopes

Alpine Meadows

The Mountain
There is an energy at Alpine Meadows resort; a heartbeat. This mountain mesmerizes us with perfect powder which lingers days after a storm; grants moments of clarity on quiet traverses Alpine Meadows ski slopesthrough snow covered pine trees; and converts visitors to locals with seven open bowls, gentle, toptobottom cruisers, and forested glades. Alpine Meadows mountain resort allows its visitors to feel unabashed joy harbored in every soul’s inner child.
Alpine Meadows attracts skiers and riders who are passionate about their turns, or want to spend some quality time with their family. There is something for everyone!
Alpine Meadows is the calmer cousin of Squaw Valley USA and Olympic Valley. In fact, Alpine was developed in 1961 by a close-knit group of San Franciscans as an alternative to the faster paced neighbor a ridgeline over.
As ski resorts go, this is a local’s favorite, one spoken of with passion that borders on the fanatic.
Alpine Meadows tubingIt must have something to do with the 402 inches of annual snowfall (longest season of any Lake Tahoe resort), and the powder that can be skied days after a dumping. And the tree skiing. And the bowls: You pickin’ up what we’re layin’ down here?

Mountain Stats
Hours of Operation:
Lodge Open Daily 8am4pm
Lifts Open Daily 9am4pm
(wind and weather permitting)
Summit – 8,637’ Base – 6,835’
13 Lifts:
One highspeed detachable sixpassenger chair; two highspeedAlpine Meadows racingexpress quads; three triple and five double chairs; two surface lifts (one of two surface lifts is for Kids’ Camp participants only).
2,400 patrolled acres; 100 designated runs; 25% easier, 40% more difficult, 35% most difficult/expert. Alpine Meadows averages an annual snowfall of 495 inches. More Photos of Alpine Meadows on Flickr

As a community to visit and enjoy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more relaxed, easygoing atmosphere, yet one that doesn’t miss an ounce of wow factor. Fly fishing Bear Creek is life changing. As is the biking, hiking (Ward and Scott’s peaks are genuine rewards), rafting and, of course, skiing.

Truckee River Rafting
Truckee River Rafting

One of our favorite summer activites is rafting down the Truckee River and then having drinks or dinner on the patio at The River Ranch Lodge which is right where the pull out is and is right next to Alpine Meadows road. The River Ranch Lodge is also a very convienient place for a great meal any time of year!

Patio at Ranch River Lodge on the Truckee River
Patio at the Ranch River Lodge

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The Mountain
Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California, is one of the largest ski areas in the United States, and was the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. It is the second-largest ski area at Lake Tahoe (after Heavenly), with 33 chairlifts, and has the only funitel lift in the U.S. The resort attracts approximately 600,000 skiers a year.Squaw Valley Tram
Located in the Sierra Nevada, with a base of 6,200 feet (1,900 m) and spread across 6 peaks and 4,000 acres (1,600 ha) the resort tops out at 9,050 feet (2,760 m)[1] above sea level at Granite Chief. The area receives heavy maritime snowfall, frequently receiving 40 ft (12 m) or more in a winter.
A scenic aerial tramway carries visitors to 8,200 ft (2,500 m) to the High Camp Bath and Tennis Club. The cars are attached to a fixed point on a cable loop. When one car is at the top of the mountain, the other car is at the bottom.
Squaw Valley is home to several annual summer events. The July Wanderlust Festival brings in accomplished yoga teachers as well as many well-known musical performers. In August, the Squaw Valley writer's conference attracts authors from all over the world. Many summer camps operate out of the Valley.

Squaw Valley VillageSquaw Valley Village

Located off Highway 89, between Truckee and Tahoe City, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe,
Squaw Valley USA is just 42 miles from Reno, 96 miles from Sacramento and 196 miles from San Francisco via all weather Interstate 80.

Trail Classification (total mountain acreage)
25% Beginner
45% Intermediate
30% Advanced
Skiable Acres: 4,000
Trails: 170+
Bowls: 16
Longest Run: Mountain Run, 3.2 miles or 5.15 km

Squaw Valley's Swimming Lagoon & Spa located at High CampSquaw Valley's Swimming Lagoon & Spa
located at High Camp

Total Number of Lifts: 33
Cable Car: 1 (110-person tram)
Funitel: 1 (28-person gondola)
Pulse Gondola: 1
Express 6-pacs: 4
Express Quads: 3
Fixed-Grip Quad: 1
Triple Chairs: 9
Double Chairs: 8
Surface Lifts: 3
Magic Carpets: 2

Uphill Capacity: 49,000 people per hour.

Terrain Parks
3 Total: Riviera Park, Belmont Park, High Camp Yard, Belmont Kids Zone
Pipes: Riviera Superpipe, length 400 ft., walls 18.5 ft
Tabletops: 12+ throughout all parks
Rails & Boxes: More than 40

Squaw Kids Children’s Center
Squaw Valley USA has a unique 12,000 square ft. facility dedicated specifically to the resort's younger guests, complete with a full service rental shop, a private ski hill with a Pony Tow and two Magic Carpet lifts.

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Lake Tahoe overview

Emerald Bay at Lake TahoeLake Tahoe is a gorgeous result of cataclysmic volcanic and glacial master planning. Lake Tahoe’s North Shore, in particular, is a stunning 180 degree panorama that vividly narrates the impact of that ancient earth shaping. North Lake Tahoe’s singular greatness draws not only pleasure-seeking visitors from the world’s nations, but also some of the planet’s foremost scientists and policy makers. Respectively, they journey to this only-of-its-kind place to understand its incredible blueness and to ensure that Lake Tahoe remains an icon of pure alpine perfection. Whether you’re coming to study this fascinating mountain jewel on an academic level, or simply anticipating a few well-deserved days in its radiant light, we encourage you to explore our 11 neighborhoods and revel in the 180 degrees of fun you’ll find Rubicon Beach at Lake Tahoeonly at North Lake Tahoe. Start your trip with a little sleuthing. Poke around and acquaint yourself with the area. Getting here and getting around is easy.

Interesting Facts

  • Lake Tahoe is the highest lake of its size in the United States and the largest alpine lake in North America.
  • Lake Tahoe is as long as the English Channel is wide with the width of Tahoe being half again as wide as San Francisco Bay.
  • With one dispersion of Lake Tahoe's water, the State of California would be completely covered to a depth of 14.5 inches.
  • The Panama Canal (700 feet in width and 50 feet in depth) could be filled by Lake Tahoe's water and extend completely around the earth at the equator, with enough remaining in the lake to fill another channel of the same width and depth running from San Francisco to New York.
  • An average 1,400,000 tons of water evaporates from the surface of Lake Tahoe every 24 hours, yet this drops the lake level only one-tenth of an inch.
  • If the water that evaporates from the lake every 24 hours could be recovered, it would supply the daily requirements of a population of 3,500,000 people.
  • Lake Tahoe's water is 99.9% pure. The water is so clear that a 10 inch white dinner plate would be visible at 78 feet below the surface.
  • There are 63 tributaries draining into Lake Tahoe with only one outlet at the Truckee River.
  • Lake Tahoe never freezes due to the constant mass movement of water from the bottom to the surface. In February 1989, Emerald Bay froze over for the first time since 1952.